What we do

Do you want to communicate effectively and efficiently? Bold & pepper adds a touch of spice and brings brands, companies and organisations to life. We immerse ourselves in your world, then carefully craft your message and convey it to your target group in a totally convincing way. In a word, Bold & pepper believes in the power of content marketing. No unnecessary bling bling, just content that is fresh, original and enduring. Content that informs, inspires and pays off. Bold, spicy, exquisite.



We analyse your objectives and target group(s), take a close look at your media platforms, identify your content requirements and develop a strategic concept.

This strategy is guided by your own specific wishes and then put into action by our team of seasoned professionals, all specialised in their field of expertise.


We create content that hits the mark whatever the medium (print or digital) or the language and add a dash of creative design, complete with great visuals. Strict adherence to planning does the rest.

Bold & pepper’s portfolio includes magazines, press releases, newsletters, annual reports and brochures. We can also work our magic on social media platforms, websites, digital magazines… and more. So just relax, we'll take care of everything.


Active and creative promotion helps us really bring your message to life. We make sure there is the right kind of interaction with the right target groups using tools such as PR and social media campaigns, and community management.

The personal touch we bring to our work gives us the flexibility required to put across your message in the best possible way. And always keeping in mind your strategic objectives.


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