Bold & pepper’s 10 assets

How do we work? What do our customers appreciate? And why do they stay with us for so long? Summary in 10 assets.
1. Direct line to the customer

We designate a project manager to each customer. This project manager is not only the sole contact (SPOC, single person of contact) for customers but is also the editorial manager for the communication project. In other words, at Bold & pepper, the account manager is also the executor. This communication in direct line with the executor prevents any loss of information. As the project’s linchpin, our editorial manager is the point of contact for customers and internal and external staff. They ensure the smooth progress of the process, the briefing of journalists, the validation of articles in the various languages, and editorial and graphic quality. In short, they supervise the project from start to finish and guarantee quality at all levels and every step of the production process.

2. Back-up

Our project manager is assisted by a back-up (whose mother tongue is different from that of the project manager, in the event of multilingual projects). This back-up is also an expert in content marketing and is also perfectly aware of the project. They monitor all operations and can take over at any time in the absence of the project manager. In short, our organisation guarantees optimum management, continuity and flexibility in all circumstances.

3. Multilingual management

Multilingualism is in Bold & pepper's DNA. We employ in-house native speakers in both Dutch and French. All our staff is bilingual at a minimum and we make it a point of honour to build our teams taking into account the customers’ specificities, notably in terms of languages. In addition, before being submitted to the customers, all our articles or translations are proofread in-house by a project manager who is a native speaker.

4. Extensive network of freelancers

Over the years, our team has developed an extensive network of freelancers in Belgium as well as abroad to meet our customers’ most diverse requirements. From the Italian journalist to the Dutch photographer through the Russian translator… This network covers all aspects of the trade: journalists, translators, photographers, illustrators, videographers, graphic owners, etc. In addition, we have also set up several strategic collaborations with key partners to underpin our services in the broad sense of communication.

5. À la carte service

Our services start straight from the analysis and strategic study phases and extend to the implementation and promotion of a given media. We produce print or online publications from A to Z, but our customers can also only use part of our services. In fact, some prefer to take charge of the various tasks, whilst others and entrust us with all activities linked to their communication or marketing. Therefore, Bold & pepper provides an à la carte service.

6. Deadline management

After the development of the strategic concept, our project managers will establish a publication itinerary. They ensure that each type of collaboration takes place in the best possible conditions, but also and above all with respect for deadlines. Deadline management is another one of Bold & pepper’s strong suits.

7. Cross-media mastery

We take the time to analyse and evaluate the most appropriate publication project with our customers for efficient communication with their target audience. The mastery of cross-media (paper, web, newsletters, digi-magazines, social media, community management, etc.) in-house is obviously a major asset. An exercise conducted without ever losing sight of costs and goals formulated together.

8. Transparency of cost management

All our services have always been recorded by the minute. This data represents an invaluable resource. On the one hand, to budget projects as realistically as possible. On the other hand, to invoice our services in full transparency.

9. Many years of experience

During the customers’ needs analysis in terms of content and media supports, knowledge of the readership, and hence control over the target group, is a quality guarantee. Our extensive experience, whether it be in internal communication, B2B or B2C customer communication allows our customers to benefit from best practices. This added value is reflected in the layout, as well as in the tone of the writing and the choice of illustrations. All of this to take into account the target group’s specificities to the best of our ability.

10. Eye for quality

Therefore Bold & pepper delivers quality. Whether a magazine or trade journal really scores with the intended target audience? At our customers’ request, Bold & pepper launched the Custometer, a reader survey that is conducted through an online poll. The Custometer is an initiative by the members of CUSTO (Belgian association for custom content & content marketing agencies at ACC Belgium, the trade union to which Bold & pepper belongs. The survey is organised and carried out by the specialist agency InSites, hence the results are reliable. And customers find out immediately how their magazine scores compared to the Belgian benchmark in their industry.