An exciting course of events

Bold & pepper is a content marketing agency based in Belgium, in the Brussels area. It was created back in 1983. It was founded under the name Decom (Development & communication) within the Vlaamse Uitgeversmaatschappij (VUM – De Standaard, Het Nieuwsblad, De Gentenaar, etc.), which became Corelio and currently Mediahuis.

In 1992 we became one of the top publishing agencies in Belgium. In 2000 the management completed a management buyout (MBO) by acquiring the company's shares with venture capital partners.

Over all these years, our publishing agency has built its reputation on the excellence of its content services. In 2016 we updated, refreshed and expanded our approach to make it more efficient. The result is a fresh look, a new dynamic and even more energy to inspire our customers' messages. More than ever, we focus on our core business, i.e., content marketing. Rebranding within Bold & pepper represented a logical step in this development.

Digital turning point

But what development? That of the transition from printed to digital. A turning point that Bold & pepper had anticipated by training staff in the new technologies.

Do our customers still prefer to read paper magazines or did they opt for the digital version? The answer is not clearly one or the other, but both. For content producers or publishers, it is more critical than ever to choose their communication supports well. It is in fact important to ensure the relevance on each of these supports, depending on the target audience and their needs.

Beyond content strategy and content creation, our new services now also include activation and content promotion. The options are diverse: lead optimisation, e-marketing, marketing automation, social media management... We believe in the power of content marketing, i.e., content that informs, inspires and pays off. Content in the right tone and distributed under the most favourable conditions. In other words, efficient content that takes on even more flavour. Ambitious, spicy, flavourful...

Today, Bold & pepper employs some dozen staff. Our in-house team of project managers, journalists, copywriters, graphic designers, art directors, photographers, translators and media advisors is complemented by an extensive network of independent contributors, selected with care since 1983, on the basis of stringent criteria in terms of quality and reliability. Also abroad.

An integrated view of content

Experts in content marketing, our project managers are fluent in several languages and deliver senior experience. They work within a stable team for a loyal clientele.

In fact, a number of companies and organisations have chosen to turn to Bold & pepper many years ago to create a printed magazine. Today, even if printed magazines still have their place in the media, we help our customers to integrate a cross-media offer into their strategy that may consist of a blog, an electronic newsletter, a digi-magazine, a mini-site or even popular social media such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

This is what Bold & pepper is aiming for today: an integrated content vision, where each support plays its own role whilst enhancing and strengthening the other media.

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