3 ideas to encourage creativity in the workplace

3 ideas to encourage creativity in the workplace

Creativity is about approach rather than resources. Encouraging innovation within your company or organisation is a slow and gradual process. Here are a few tips to help you get the ball rolling.

Some good tips to stimulate creativity


Tip 1: experience wall

Ideal for getting employees involved in looking for solutions. Every month, for example, choose a different topic, issue or discussion point. Challenge employees to add ideas to the wall. This helps them feel more actively involved and creates a great working environment.


Tip 2: visual thinking

During meetings, this is a way of conveying a particular topic, process or problem in the form of a drawing. Because if you explain something in words, your audience will only remember 15% of the message. But if they see it, they’ll retain 65%. To encourage everyone’s creativity, you could work in small groups. This method can be used, for example, to think about the company magazine, the external newsletter, the website and the use of social media.


Tip 3: materials

As a facilitator, it’s vital for you to be well prepared if you are to successfully run a meeting, workshop or brainstorming session. Make sure that you have enough materials, depending on the method used: post-its, flip charts, coloured cards (for voting), picture cards, marker pens, paper, etc.


Green, blue, yellow or red walls?

Did you know that colour influences emotions and productivity? For instance, green is the ideal colour for brainstorming or project rooms. Blue has a soothing effect and increases productivity. Yellow stimulates positivism, creativity and energy. Red works best for physical activities or if you need to do detailed work.

This article was created in collaboration with Vincent De Coninck. Bold & pepper regularly gives students the opportunity to gain their first work experience. With the latest recruit, we selected someone with a fairly atypical profile, which is how Vincent De Coninck came to join us a few months ago. He decided to do the new Bachelor’s degree in Idea & Innovation Management at Erasmus University College Brussels three years ago, and is now among the first batch of graduates. Over a period of 12 weeks, Vincent and our Editorial Project Manager Pascal Mageren worked creatively on revenue models for printed magazines based on a number of specific Bold & pepper projects. They were given carte blanche, considered a few possible avenues, questioned the obvious and came up with a whole bunch of ideas, which were then tested against reality. The results will feature in a forthcoming newsletter.

We’re launching a series of 5 articles with practical tips on creativity/innovation to help you get started. Perhaps you might like to try one of the above ideas – tell us how it goes!


Pascal Mageren, Editorial Project Manager
Pascal Mageren, Editorial Project Manager

Pascal Mageren

Editorial Project Manager