Efficient briefing

“A good story needs to be shared in such a way your audience is not just listening but actually looking forward to hearing more about it. That’s what drives us to think before we act.”

Client briefs have been around for a long time. Unlike the briefing document for content marketing agencies, which has been available for just a few months. Yet it was only logical that the Content Marketing Client Briefing should be published, because a brief for a campaign is completely different from a brief for a content marketing agency.

Let’s work together

What are the benefits of working with this document? First and foremost, clients take the time up front to carefully consider what they want to achieve and review each and every aspect in-house, from marketing KPIs to priority traffic channels. We are happy to help our clients fill in the details of this brief. The better the brief, the better the collaboration and the proposals. So it’s win-win all round.

The Content Marketing Client Briefing was compiled by Custo (Custom Content), the Custom Content & Content Marketing Expert Centre of ACC Belgium (the Association of Communication Companies), of which Bold & pepper is a member

More information on the Briefing Client Content Marketing document? Please contact us via info@boldandpepper.be

Olivier Van der Stede, Managing Partner
Olivier Van der Stede, Managing Partner

Olivier Van der Stede

Managing Partner