How can I revitalise the business model of my publication?

Not only creation, but strategy and activation too

Can Bold & pepper help me revitalise my publication’s business model? Lingerienet clearly knew what it wanted: better commercial results thanks to a new editorial strategy.

Lingerienet : presentation of the business model

As a small publishing house, Matido works in various sectors, including lingerie. Besides producing the leading magazine Aphrodite for the B2B market, it also used to publish a B2C magazine under the name Lingerienet. Due to circumstances, Lingerienet eventually became an online information site but failed to excite much enthusiasm. So Filip Lanszweert of Matido wanted to make it a more dynamic consumer experience. is an independent platform that keeps a close eye on trends in the lingerie world and is targeted at consumers. As well as the website and an e-newsletter, Lingerienet has a social media presence. But was its approach effective? Was its strategy sound? Was the website living up to its potential? And then Lingerienet met Bold & pepper…


From analysis and quick wins to workshops and tailored coaching

Bold & pepper first analysed the channels hitherto used, taking into account the communication objectives and target groups identified. Based on this, they then developed a new business model.

To ensure progress in the short term – bearing in mind the proposed strategy – several quick wins were formulated, ranging from editorial approach to user experience (UX) and use of social media.

Lingerienet and Bold & pepper work in close partnership. Any potential opportunities are analysed and the most promising ideas are discussed in further detail in a workshop. A highly personalised consulting service delivered at Lingerienet’s own pace.


Activation, our third forte

To improve commercial results, it’s important for Lingerienet to produce content that is relevant and interesting for all stakeholders (both consumers and lingerie brands). But coming up with content isn't enough. You also need to activate it in the right way and on the appropriate channels if you want to reach out more effectively to your target group. That requires a carefully thought-out strategy. And it has paid off: initial results have already been reported (more followers and new commercial deals)!

Pascal Mageren, Editorial Project Manager
Pascal Mageren, Editorial Project Manager

Pascal Mageren

Editorial Project Manager