Lapperre on tour

How do you launch a new product? How do you make sure that a network of retail outlets will actively seek to promote a particular item more effectively? A strong activation campaign is one option.

The Tour de France, Lapperre-style

Earlier this year Lapperre launched a new product in its in-the-ear hearing aid range. This segment is not top of mind for audiologists, the specialists in Lapperre hearing centres. The campaign was designed to increase awareness among the “sellers” (audiologists), so that they would recommend the product more readily. It was hoped that this would boost sales figures for this product group. We were asked to set up a campaign inspired by… the Tour de France, with some great prizes on offer for both the individual winners and the winning team. What more incentive would you need to get your cycling gear on?

Bold & pepper’s activation campaign

- Before the start of the competition: training session on the new product and announcement of the competition by Lapperre.

- Compilation of individual product questions (linked with the launch of the new product) and team questions (focusing on originality and group spirit), which were announced by e-mail three times a week in the form of Tour stages.

- A website with a personal login, questions and answers, competition rules, automatic scoreboard and forum for teams to discuss the group questions.

In short: we devised a creative campaign with some great original copy, featuring thigh-busting climbs, breakaways and the final victory ride along the Champs-Élysées.

Sales up by 50%

The "riders" took on the challenge with great enthusiasm. They were quick to fill in their answers on the site, there was some lively discussion about the team tasks and for six weeks everyone pursued the yellow jersey. Some participants spontaneously came up with detailed, creative ideas and all of a sudden the audiologists became copywriters and creators of advertising campaigns. And victory was sweet, as the competition got people talking about the new product, which saw sales rise by 50%!


Olivier Van der Stede, Managing Partner
Olivier Van der Stede, Managing Partner

Olivier Van der Stede

Managing Partner