Measuring the success of content

Measuring the success of content

Like our client, car manufacturer Suzuki, we were confident that the concept of its Happy Life magazine was right. But was that really the case? Cue the satisfaction survey Custometer.

In 2015 Suzuki BeLux embarked on a pitch process with the following brief: turn the existing magazine “Happy Life” into a dynamic marketing tool that will strengthen ties with customers. Bold & pepper’s strategic proposal hit the right note and customers have already received several issues of the new magazine.

The new Happy Life had to create a positive brand image and revitalise the relationship between the brand and customers.

Although the initial response of Suzuki customers and dealers was very positive, only an independent survey could objectively determine whether the goals of the Suzuki communications team had been achieved.

The Custometer of ACC Belgium

The satisfaction survey “Custometer” was conducted in July. The Custometer is an initiative of the members of Custo (the Custom Content & Content Marketing Expert Centre of ACC Belgium, to which Bold & pepper belongs) and was compiled by an independent organisation. This survey is used for both internal and external magazines, online and offline. It measures the reach of the magazine, the attitude and appreciation of the readers, and magazine consumption. It is worth noting that the results are considered against the benchmarks of other Custometers.

Mission accomplished

A total of 92% of the respondents read more than half of the articles, 83% think Suzuki is an innovative company and 74% claim that reading Happy Life spurs them to recommend Suzuki to others. Furthermore, almost half of the readers have had a positive discussion about Suzuki with other people after reading the magazine.

Both the appropriate content and the restyled format have ensured that the objectives have been met: Suzuki is a brand that inspires confidence and customer relations continue to improve.


Pascal Mageren, Editorial Project Manager
Pascal Mageren, Editorial Project Manager

Pascal Mageren

Editorial Project Manager