A new company name or strategy and the impact on copy

A new company name or strategy and the impact on copy

Mergers and acquisitions abound in Belgium. The subsequent changes in policy are of course a huge challenge. But the impact on copy should not be underestimated either. TOTAL Gas & Power recently teamed up with Bold & pepper to define and implement the tone of voice of its customer communications.

The Total Group acquired the Belgian company Lampiris a few months ago. Individual customers will now be supplied with gas and green electricity by the Lampiris brand, but business customers of both operators will henceforth come under “TOTAL Gas & Power”. This new entity will deliver 100% green energy at no extra cost – a positive change for existing customers. 

This new brand launched a pitching process for a specific copywriting task. Bold & pepper won and was immediately on the same wavelength as its new client. 

New tone of voice for B2B communication

The challenge was to find a new tone of voice, taking into account the rebranding, the new strategy and the sensitivities of both corporate cultures. Hundreds of different types of documents are being rewritten: mailshots, contracts, meter-reading documentation, change-of-address forms, etc. This kind of work is very precise so is best done by a small team.

“Everything had to happen very quickly! In next to no time Bold & pepper managed to unify two very different corporate cultures. It was vital for us to get the message across to business customers of Lampiris and existing Total Gas & Power customers that the fundamental values – the values underlying their choice of energy supplier in the first place – would not change, and that, on the contrary, the two brands would reinforce each other by leveraging their strengths in the area of customer experience. Bold & pepper’s flexibility and openness have been crucial in what for us is a very important integration period.”

(Carine Van Lier, Head of Marketing and Communication)


What Bold & pepper offers in terms of added value is service

  • Short lines of communication and time saved: one SPOC, bilingual. The SPOC is not only the account manager, but also takes care of the paperwork and has final responsibility. So no information gets lost, because the SPOC is in the driving seat.

  • In tandem: as a further quality check, the SPOC works with a sidekick. Like the end client, this person does not have all the information at his or her fingertips, so can offer a different perspective compared to the SPOC. Back-ups and in-house native speakers of the second national language are also key advantages for clients.

  • Flexibility: since there’s so much copywriting involved, inevitably something urgent will come up, or a brief will change as a result of a strategic decision. Adaptability is required at that point.

Pascal Mageren, Editorial Project Manager
Pascal Mageren, Editorial Project Manager

Pascal Mageren

Editorial Project Manager