New look for Kom op tegen Kanker magazine

Leven (Life/Living), the Kom op tegen Kanker (Stand up to Cancer) quarterly magazine for those who have (had) cancer and people close to them, was recently completely revamped. The changes are the result of a year of evaluation, reflection and consultation, together with Bold & pepper.

Last year Leven celebrated its 20th anniversary. It was time to put the magazine under the microscope, the people at Kom op tegen Kanker thought. Bold & pepper was brought on board. Our Project Manager Celine De Coster and our Art Director Janne Geelen critically reviewed Leven and developed a whole host of suggestions on how to improve and innovate. During a workshop we submitted our ideas to the editorial team at Leven at the Kom op tegen Kanker Brussels offices.

New sections, a modern twist

And now the time has come: Leven boasts a different look, with a new layout and updated content. The most visible differences can be found in the design, which is airier, bright and fresh. The modern twist, for example, sets the tone on the Leven cover and acts as a connecting graphic element throughout the magazine.

In terms of content, Leven also shifted a few highlights. From now on it will be slightly more wide-ranging when it comes to stories and information. Because cancer has at least the same impact on the sick person's loved ones. That is why they are given more of a say than before, for example in the brand-new Schouder aan schouder (Shoulder to shoulder) section. Interaction with the approximately 40,000 Leven readers was also stepped up, for example by means of eye-catching call to actions and framed articles.

Increased interaction

‘I have received positive feedback on the restyling of Leven from a lot of colleagues and from our management,’ says editor-in-chief Griet Van de Walle. ‘And we now get a lot more suggestions for stories and reactions to articles from readers than in the past. And that’s what we need!’

Celine De Coster, Editorial Project Manager
Celine De Coster, Editorial Project Manager

Celine De Coster

Editorial Project Manager