New Project Manager for Bold & pepper

The Bold & pepper editorial team will be supported by Bert Goessens (35). As a brand-new editorial project manager, he is already looking after a few of our clients.

In the past few years, Bert has left his mark on a number of challenging communication projects at the Liberale Mutualiteit East Flanders. He is no stranger to editing and final editing either. ‘Texts are about people. Always,’ according to Bert. ‘Recognisability is the key to understandable content. Empathy is my promise to make it happen.’

At Bold & pepper we can only confirm this. Bringing stories to life is and remains our core business. So Bert can immediately do his thing with some of our loyal customers, such as the White-Yellow Cross of Flanders.

Bert Goessens is a true-blue Ninove native and received a master's degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Ghent. In his early career, he worked as a freelance journalist, for De Standaard newspaper, among others.

Welcome on board at Bold & pepper Bert!

Olivier Van der Stede, Managing Partner
Olivier Van der Stede, Managing Partner

Olivier Van der Stede

Managing Partner