Persistent myths about content marketing

This article debunks a few myths about content marketing. And we take another look at Grappa magazine. Check it out.

Myth 1: content marketing is telling stories to sell your product

Sure enough, not true. If that’s your goal then copywriting is what you should be doing, as you’ll be writing texts with a commercial slant. With content marketing, texts have added value: content that your readers can learn from, content that they’re not really expecting but that is perfectly tailored to their interests.


Myth 2: with content marketing, you immediately attain your goal

False. Content marketing needs time. Just look at what Joe Pulizzi said at the congress – and he’s like the godfather of content marketing, a bestselling author and the founder of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI): “Be patient! Good content marketing takes time; time to create and time to see results.”


Myth 3: content marketing definitely needs to be used on mass digital platforms

Customers do tend to think that, but it’s not true. Incidentally, did you know that only 1% of your Facebook followers actually read your message on that channel? So use your own communication channels, whether they’re paper or digital.


Grappa (KBC): how does content work in financial services?

Bold & pepper presented its Grappa project at the Content Rules?! congress. Grappa is the magazine for KBC’s more affluent clientele. It has been around for six years and is published four times a year. Objectives? Promote customer loyalty, create interaction and refer readers to the website to find out more about, or purchase, financial products. Mindful of the above-mentioned myths, we ensure that KBC is indirectly tangible through the magazine and are slowly but surely strengthening relations between KBC and its more affluent banking customers. Bold & pepper delivers credible content of practical value.


According to a reader survey:

  • 73% think the content of Grappa is good to very good

  • 3 out of 4 readers appreciate the fact that KBC publishes this magazine

  • 1 out of 2 readers have already requested information from KBC in response to an article

Celine De Coster, Editorial Project Manager
Celine De Coster, Editorial Project Manager

Celine De Coster

Editorial Project Manager