Rebranding: Decom is now Bold & pepper

Why did you choose to become one of our clients? Well, in your own words, it’s because of our quality, expertise, service, flexibility and effectiveness. Because we make sure that your message hits home with your target group, so that you can rest assured you’re in the right hands.

Over the past few months we’ve been working tirelessly to revitalise, broaden and fine-tune our approach. The result is a fresh perspective, new momentum and a renewed resolve to add even more zest to your message.

More than ever, we believe in the power of content marketing: content that informs, inspires and pays off. Carefully crafted and delivered at just the right moment. Bold, spicy, exquisite. In other words, where Decom excelled, Bold & pepper will take it to another level. Yes, a new name, but also a new look.

What does this mean for you in practice? The same multidisciplinary team, the same trusted contact person, the same address, the same expertise and the same smooth and efficient collaboration. So what’s different? We’re even more determined to get your message across in the most effective way possible. How? We’ll be happy to discuss it with you face to face very soon.

Olivier Van der Stede, Managing Partner
Olivier Van der Stede, Managing Partner

Olivier Van der Stede

Managing Partner