Two powerful online magazines for the European Copper Institute

What do you do if you want to structure a large amount of information? And if you want to address short, incisive messages in an attractive format to target groups of people who are short of time, such as executives and politicians? Those were the questions that the European Copper Institute (ECI) was asking itself.

ECI, the association that promotes the use of copper, soon turned to Bold & pepper for help. After our presentation on digital magazines, ECI’s Hans De Keulenaer was completely won over by the concept. An online magazine would ensure that ECI information was much more accessible. These days, Hans is very happy working with Bold & pepper, because we’ve managed to translate a complex technical subject into language that anyone can understand and in a visually attractive way.


1. The first online magazine for ECI: ‘Our solutions to decarb Europe’

Content creation doesn’t just mean writing great copy, starting from a blank page. For ECI, we had to do more, especially as it involved communicating about the solutions that ECI is putting forward to combat global warming. The first digital magazine that Bold & pepper is producing for ECI therefore goes by the eloquent name of “Our solutions to decarb Europe” and is put together using source material such as text extracts, PowerPoint presentations, studies, records and official documents. Based on this input, Bold & pepper writes concise copy, tailor-made for a digital magazine. Each solution is condensed into 5 or 6 screens at most. What’s more, we select templates that make the content even more powerful.

Our Art Director also has free rein, because, by definition, an online magazine should be user-friendly and its graphic design should make it easy to read any kind of text.

→ Check out our digital magazine “Our solutions to decarb Europe”.

Hans de Keulenaer

“ Bold & pepper translates a complex technical subject into language that anyone can understand and presents it in a visually attractive way. And that was exactly our goal: to make our information more accessible .”

Hans De Keulenaer (ECI)

2. News reporting: the digital way

The European Copper Institute also wants to communicate relevant news items to its target group: a classic example of how to excel in community management. Hans De Keulenaer: “Our members are all over the world, and often we only get to meet them once a year. But we still want to involve them in what we do, by circulating a limited number of customised news items in the form of an online magazine. Each of these tackles a specific topic that we want to put to our members in order to prompt a discussion.” An online magazine that serves as an “internal sales project”.

→ Check out our digital magazine with news items from and about ECI.

Janne Geelen, Art Director
Janne Geelen, Art Director

Janne Geelen

Art Director