When should you not exclude printed materials from your communication strategy?

You probably know the feeling. You’re relaxing at home with your tablet and all of a sudden you realise the device isn’t as useful as you’d like it to be. You’d rather browse through the pages of a brochure… This is also the view taken by clients of All Ways Cruises.

Bold & pepper has enjoyed the confidence of All Ways Cruises for several years now. One day Jan Van Durme, Marketing Manager of All Ways Cruises, asked us to rethink one of their brochures. Just the sort of job that’s plain sailing for us…

We put a few questions to Jan Van Durme


Where did the idea come from to split up the organised cruise brochure?

“The problem was that we had to reach too many different target groups with just one brochure. Too many readers with a different profile. The cruises actually range from family cruises during the Easter holidays to luxury discovery cruises in Alaska.”


Luckily, problems are there to be solved. How did Bold & pepper help you?

“Having established what my requirements were, Bold & pepper carried out the necessary analysis. They then came up with some layout proposals (an appropriate style for each new brochure) and advised us on the best choice of paper. The first brochure, the luxury cruise one, combines black and silver and looks gorgeous. The format stands out because it’s slightly smaller than A4. And the paper – which is environmentally friendly – has a nice feel to it.”


And the key question: print isn’t always the cheapest solution. All your brochures can be viewed online, so why did you want to offer paper versions?

“You might think that’s because of our older clients, but you’d be wrong. Anyone planning a trip likes to take their time, and a brochure is easier to keep and to read. It’s also handy for comparing prices. It’s not a newspaper that you throw away the next day…”

Gunther De Kegel, Production Manager
Gunther De Kegel, Production Manager

Gunther De Kegel

Production Manager