Customer magazine or employee magazine, communication in print or digital, infographics or a sober layout, tone of voice or storytelling, reporting or writing for the web, ... Discover our recipes for a successful communication with our success stories.

Below you will find some examples of communication projects with which our content marketing agency excels.

Suzuki BeLux
From promotional brochure to customer magazine and, today, digital publication, Suzuki BeLux's Happy Life customer magazine has undergone various rejuvenation treatments devised by Bold & pepper.
Bold & pepper delivered the swinging concept for 'Salsa', the magazine for 140,000 (potential) customers of Lapperre, the Belgian market leader in hearing solutions, hearing protection and accessories
Belgian Cycling
Discover how Belgian Cycling has professionalised its communication thanks to its new visual identity and the tools developed by Bold & pepper.
ALDI Belgium
ALDI Belgium has entirely rethought its internal communication with the help of Bold & pepper. We have created Vivaldi, a brand-new staff magazine, which brings employees together.
Agency for Foreign Trade
The Agency for Foreign Trade disseminates information and documentation on foreign markets and Belgian trade missions. Bold & pepper is the creative brain behind all those brochures.
Confédération Belge du Bois
Improving information and communication within the Belgian timber industry? Such is the mission of the member magazine Bois Entreprise.
Eterinfo is the staff magazine made for and by Eternit’s active and (early) retired employees in Kapelle-op-den-Bos and Tisselt. A magazine that informs, but also inspires.
Fost Plus
Fost Plus, which organises the collection and recycling of household packaging in Belgium, likes to call on Bold & pepper for an extra dose of spunk and creativity in its publications.
GAIA’s magazine is delivered four times a year to the more than 60,000 members of the best-known animal rights organisation in Belgium.