Boost your content distribution

What’s the use of creating quality content if you don’t share it?

Depending on your context, content distribution can take on various forms, from physical distribution to content activation, for example on social media. 

Optimise distribution?

Whether you work on paper or electronic supports, to Bold & pepper, the optimisation of content distribution forms an integral part of content strategy. As surprising as it may seem, optimisation also has close links with content creation.

An example? Consider integrating your distribution goals as soon as you reflect on content production. Why not address the following questions systematically during your editorial meetings?

  • How to expand your target audience

  • How to promote content sharing

  • How to turn collaborators/readers into ambassadors

Another good plan is to carry out an in-depth analysis of the statistics involving the sending of your newsletter or your website traffic. In this way you will identify ways to expand the reach of your message. In addition, this analysis will probably also enable you to enhance the relevance of your content for your target audience.

Content activation?

Logically, in order to make your communication investment profitable, one hour of content production should translate into one hour of content promotion. Producing content without promoting it represents a loss of time and money.

These days, passive publication is no longer sufficient. The organic reach on social media is increasingly restricted by algorithms. In other words, well thought-out (and partially paid for) activation of your content has become a must. Here too, strategy is critical if you wish to improve the impact of a message, increase the engagement rate or generate leads. This obviously requires a thorough understanding of how social media work or knowledge of owned media, paid media and earned media.

Make your story work!

The difference between communicating and communicating efficiently lies in a multitude of details. Together, we will help you to make the best of your budget in order to shift into a higher gear. How about discussing means to boost your communication?

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In addition to content distribution, Bold & pepper is also active in content strategy and content creation.
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