Ce que nous retenons du #marketingcongress 2019 de BAM

Résumé du congrès de marketing de BAM

La Belgian Association of Marketing (BAM) a tenu son congrès annuel de marketing ces 5 et 6 décembre à Brussels Expo. Qu’en avons-nous retenu ? 23 moments choisis.

« When in doubt, go back to the stories », Chris Jackman (Levi Strauss & Co)

"There have been great societies that did not use the wheel but there have been no societies that did not tell stories" said Chris Jackman (Levi's) @we_are_BAM #marketingcongress #storytelling pic.twitter.com/b1nRnM0FYp


« A purpose-driven company needs purpose-driven people », Kris Michiels (Unilever)

« The person is not the problem. The problem is the fit with the purpose », Kris Michiels (Unilever)

« Your brain doesn’t see what your eyes see », Olivier Tjon (Beyond Reason)

« What you sell is nothing but a shortcut to fulfilment », Nathan Axford (Beyond Reason)

« Your green faces [= top fans] are everyone in love with your social currency. Who are your green faecs ? », Ann Maes (Flrish)

« High impact decisions are influenced by irrelevant variables », Roeland Dietvorst (Alpha.one)

"Viewing ads in traditional media brings better brand value", @NeuroRoeland at #marketingcongress @we_are_BAM #neuroscience #marketing pic.twitter.com/1Ei7tEZdd9


« 80% of consumption on Netflix is algorithm-driven (based on personalised recommendations) », Pierre-Nicolas Schwab (IntoTheMinds)

« Give explanations when making personalised recommendations. And remember explanations and transparency can’t fix bad (automated) recommendations », Mesut Kaya (TU Delft)

« Let’s create a Michelin rating system for marketers », Chris Burggraeve (Vicomte LLC)

« We educate through our packaging », Frédéric Larmuseau (Jacobs Douwe Egberts)

« Stimulate innovation = stimulate risk-taking behaviors », Pieter Daelman (Bedenk)

"It is the way you give feedback that motivates others to go on or to give up", @Pedaalman at #marketingcongress @we_are_BAM


« Too often, companies do not know the talent of their employees », Peter ‘s Jongers (Protime)

"70% of employees are not engaged (=they do their job but do not care developing the business)", @petersjongers at #marketingcongress @we_are_BAM


« Too often, companies do not know the talent of their employees », Peter ‘s Jongers (Protime)

« Companies need a big shift from ‘command & control’ to ‘coach & collaborate’ », Katleen De Stobbeleir (Vlerick Business School)

« 5G is not a better 4G. It’s a new technology », Mark Melling (Verizon)

« Shoppable video puts video closer to the point of transaction », Paul Lee (Deloitte)

« In China I learned a sense of urgency. Let’s try asap, if we fail, we’ll learn », Jacco ter Schegget (Publicis Groupe)

« Be bees like flies [innovate with a degree of wildness] », Lars Sudmann


Pascal Mageren, Editorial Project Manager
Pascal Mageren, Editorial Project Manager

Pascal Mageren

Editorial Project Manager