Résumé du Content Marketing World 2020

Résumé du Content Marketing World 2020

Pour les marketeurs de contenu, la conférence internationale Content Marketing World est un rendez-vous à ne pas manquer. Cette année, j'ai eu la chance de pouvoir suivre les principaux orateurs et de faire le plein d'inspiration. Voici ma sélection de quelques moments forts de ces 3 jours de conférences. 50 réflexions à cogiter...

Robert Rose – building desire amidst audience

“I expect 3 audience disruptions for the coming decade: consumer time shifting (no patience for interrupting), decommodification of physical space (digital experiences must serve as a proxi) and decline of trust and truth”

“Create desire building fans”

“How do you connect all experiences in the customer journey? Each one has to create desire for the next, building fans in the process”

“Understand the journey so that you can hold precious attention”


Joe Pulizzi – your audience is your asset

“Your biggest asset = the audience you develop with content”


Alex Cheeseman – empathy & difference

“One of the problems is how the human brains work. We tend to look at historical progress in a linear way”

“Consider doing things differently. Start to list opportunities to break the rules if you want to stand out with your content”

“Within your organization, figure out the way to take calculated risks to explore new opportunities in a new way of doing things”

“Apply the empathy to data”


Jay Baer – uncertainty is an opportunity

“Since the start of the pandemic 54% of consumers have purchased from a business for the first time and 89% plan to stay with this new provider”

“Uncertainty gap = opportunity: we witnessed an 88% increase of questions asked on websites between February and April 2020 (pandemic)”

“What is content you truly love? Most probably content somebody talked to you about. The audience is the new algorithm”

“Relevant content respects your audience time”


Paige O’Neill – create empathy

“42% of companies don't listen to consumers”

“44% of consumers recommend a product purely on emotional criteria”

“How a brand makes you feel is 2x more important than other factors”

“Create empathy, not content”

“By 2022, personal devices will know an individual's emotional state better than their own family”


Melanie Deziel – constraints foster creativity

“Our brains strive under constraints”

“The key is to use constraints to focus on what matters”

“Most of our problems are a combination of two questions (who, what, where, when, why, how)”

“Content ideas = focus + format”

“When we approach creativity as a process, we can duplicate”


Andrew Davies – forget experts

“The world doesn’t need another expert”

“Credibility is not given to you by touting your experience. Credibility is earned by delivering a transformative experience”

“You don’t need to become an expert, become a visionary. Experts are commodities, visionaries are priceless”

“The key to making the leap from expert to visionary is ask a question Google can’t answer”

“Embark on a quest. The search is more important than the destination”

“Experts don’t change life, visionaries do”

“The more we share what we learned, the better we get and the more people come along for a ride”

“Explore questions instead of searching for answers”

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable”

“Great visionaries are investigators who test their hypotheses with any available audience”


Tamsen Webster – truth is great content

“Great content = relevant (keep attention) + resilient (they need to agree with you) + remarkable (something they don’t expect) + repeatable (something they can’t unhear)”

“We are not rational. We are rationalizing (emotional resonance is key)”

“Create content with a moment of truth”

“Never scarify clarity for cleverness”

“People don’t remember content, they remember ideas”


Ann Handley – sell on who you are

“The new normal might be just ‘normal’ seen with new eyes”

“Any short-term action must have a sustainably positive long-term result”

“People know what you do. You have to sell them on who you are”

“Focus on deepening existing relationships is key”

“Email is the only place where people (not algorithm) are in control”

“Your brand success is directly proportional to the visibility of your talent”

“You need an anchor-host (human face), not just a writer, to lever your brand”

“Crises fertilizes creativity”


Pam Didner – go explore

“Explore questions which are likely to be asked via voice search”

“Questions are phrased differently in voice search. Ask your questions in different ways”


Bert Van Loon (organisateur Edition européenne #CMWorldEur)

“Measurement helps us to take the risk to be courageous”


Et vous, laquelle de ces 50 réflexions du Content Marketing World 2020 vous parle le plus?

Votre avis m'intéresse, n'hésitez pas à m'envoyer vos commentaires !

Pascal Mageren, Editorial Project Manager
Pascal Mageren, Editorial Project Manager

Pascal Mageren

Editorial Project Manager