Het Content Marketing Fast Forward congres in 27 quotes

Het Content Marketing Fast Forward congres in 27 quotes

Op 31 mei streek het #CMFF congres voor de eerste keer neer in Brussel. ACC Belgium en de Custo-leden, waaronder Bold & pepper, stonden mee in voor de organisatie. Het werd een inspirerende hoogdag voor de contentmarketing. In de voormiddag stonden er rondetafelgesprekken met marketingprofessionals op het programma, in de namiddag deelden internationale experten hun ervaringen en visie in enkele opmerkelijke keynotes. Wat bleef ons team bij?

Ann Handley (Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs and bestseller author)

“65% of brands want to increase engagement with their customers”

“Engaging content is more about brains than budget”

“Pathological empathy is key”

“Content marketing = Data x Listening x Instinct”

“Content with deeper value = smarter customers”

“Go for content that is bigger, braver and BOLDER”

“Content marketing is a new muscle to develop”

“Everything the light touches is content”

“We have to pull the conversation”


Inga Batur (Senior Digital Editor and Copywriter at insurance company Zavarovalnica Triglav)

“It’s all about emotional credibility”

“With content marketing, you have to go all in”


Markus Wörner (marketing Unicorn at einhorn)

“Content marketing is a company culture”

“Go to work to make magic happen”

“Make things personal if you want to connect”


Andre Alpar (Investor & Digital Marketer Strategist)

“Don’t forget to invest on distribution”

“Find the balance between transactional, branding and social content”

“We have to pull, but also to push the conversation”

“Create content according to the buying traject of your audience (Basic content > Expert content > Inspirational content)”


Lazar Dzamic (Xoogler, Author, Content & Digital Storytelling Trainer)

“To capture attention you need emotional resonance and you need to be visceral to find emotional resonance”

“Balance intent utility and empathic utility”

“Read the library of intent and create new narratives”

“It’s not things we hate that kill us, but things we love”

“If you ask the Why, 80% of the How is answered”

“Remember when ads were invented to disrupt content”

“We no longer need to burn the books as we are not reading them any more”

“Innovation is jazz, not classical music”

“We need more immigration thinking”

“The future is non-linear and there is no data from the future”



PS: opmerkelijke lezers telden 28 quotes en niet 27 (wat bewijst dat een voetnoot soms toegevoegde waarde heeft :)


Pascal Mageren, Editorial Project Manager
Pascal Mageren, Editorial Project Manager

Pascal Mageren

Editorial Project Manager