UBA Trends Day: inspirerende citaten #UBATD

De Belgische Unie van Adverteerders (UBA) hield op 10 maart haar jaarlijkse conferentie over trends in media en communicatie. Enkele citaten ter inspiratie.

Promises are mutual conditions of satisfaction 

Boodschap van Jeffrey Hayzlett (ex-CMO van Kodak en auteur van het boek ‘Think Big, Act Bigger: The Rewards of Being Relentless’) over merken @JeffreyHayzlett


Why do so many brands think that to empower women they need to focus on their vulnerabilities?

Do more, say less. When you adopt a cause… Have cause for adoption

Sandy Thompson (Global Planning Director bij Young and Rubicam)

Think in terms of exponential mentality, Adam Gagen, #wfa #ubatd

Thomas Kolster (Creative Director Goodvertising)

Innovate with the power of networks

Your brain is linear but network concepts do not follow linear thinking

Peter Hinssen (Chairman nexxworks) @hinssen

1 dollar invested in programmatic advertising = only 25 cent effective working budget

Nick Manning (Chief Strategy Officer Ebiquity)

First listen before building a content factory

If your goals are real business results, then why measure empty calories (like, share, click, fans, …) ?

Ask yourself why people use adblockers

Maarten Albarda (Consultant Flock Associates Ltd.)

In 5 years, buying local will beat online

The best way to watch trends is to listen

Herman Konings (CEO Pocket Marketing/nXt)

Olivier Van der Stede, Managing Partner
Olivier Van der Stede, Managing Partner

Olivier Van der Stede

Managing Partner